About us

MakeFast is a well-known name in the Technical innovation industry. They provide their customers innovative and easy to use system utilities developed using amazing technical innovations. The main purpose of coming up with such inventions was to provide customers advanced and easily adaptable system software for better performance from their devices and more security to their software system from online threats for longer and uninterrupted life span. The MakeFast team of technicians comprises of highly knowledgeable, accomplished and experienced programmers who enthusiastically and dedicatedly work towards making their customers’ lives easier with better products and services. Also, the highly-talented volunteers worldwide work hard 24/7 for providing on time support and services for resolution of issues.

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MakeFast is a well-known leading IT services and solutions providing organizations that works towards creating high quality system optimization products and other software required for proper functionality and better results from devices. All the applications created by MakeFast engineers are made in accordance with the compatibility of all major operating systems like Windows. Most of our users are from North America, Asia and various countries in Europe.

MakeFast is a part of Circuit Software LLC has established itself in the past 4 years by providing cutting edge IT solutions to users worldwide. The office facility of MakeFast is located in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

MakeFast has made its mark in “100 Most Promising Microsoft Service Providers”. The products provided by MakeFast include Startup Manager, Folder Locker, Uninstall Tool, Star Defrager & System Cleanup etc. These products have been featured and made their way to the discussions on major tech news programs like Newswatch and Discover Tech News Bulletin.

Our Statistics

Over 1 million MakeFast downloads worldwide!
Over 35,000 GB cleaned every month - that’s enough space
for 2 million selfies!
Over 5,0000 desktop installs per week

Why to choose MakeFast?

The main purpose behind creating this ‘single spot solution for all technical worries’, is to make it easier for even the novice users to have full efficiency and better productivity from devices by making products and applications that can simplify the use of digital devices in an efficient way. These products span across niches like photography, music, device security and cloud backup services etc. Also there are various highly efficient system optimization applications that helps the users to maintain their device’s performance by optimizing disc and RAM use.

MakeFast Support

All our products have special support cells run by specialists of those products, having deep knowledge and full awareness and they work towards making these products better and better every time by acting upon the reviews and feedback of customers. Customers’ grievances are resolved ASAP without any kind of delay.

What Our Customer Says


Rachel Nearby


Elizabeth Underhill


Malcolm Nieto

This product has made my system work even faster than before by enhancing its efficiency to update existing applications, which is made possible by freeing up space. It uses advanced techniques for removing difficult to uninstall files and folders. With the help of their highly efficient diagnosis tools this application has worked wonders for my PC. Thanks a lot for you efforts.

Very useful in booting up my system efficiently. This application is so easy to use even by people who are new to using technology. It helped me speed up the device successfully after all other methods I tried failed. Would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Their uninstaller tool works wonders. Every time I use it, it never failed to amaze me. Removed all hard to remove files and folders with not even a trace of those left behind. Helped in getting all the data in my system sort out.