Is your computer running slow?

Is your computer running slow?

Many times we face a slow running computer. It is not so appealing when the system which one used to work fast starts working sluggishly. There could be a lot of reasons for a computer to work slowly, but it becomes a cause of headache when you have to complete some important work fast but due to your slow computer you could not get it done on time.

One of the main reasons for a computer to work slowly is that with time its registry gets over flooded with items. Registry is a type of important database in your computer that keep all vital information about all the software programs installed in it along with their whereabouts. It also works as an archive as it keeps collecting and storing configuration settings information about all windows components like installed hardware, software, applications etc. When the registry gets loaded with a lot of such information over a course of time, it starts facing issues. Errors faced in registry leads to freezing of system that results in slowing down of the computer.

Another reason that leads to slow working computer is a lot of programs running in the background. Unnecessarily open programs and applications in the system take a lot of space of memory that results in slowing down of system speed. This can be fixed by opening the Task manager and viewing all the programs that are running in the background.

Other options that can be used by the user to fix the slow speed issue in their system are removing all unused programs, deleting temporary files, getting more hard drive space can also improve the performance of the system, stopping unnecessary startups, getting more RAM, running a disk defragmentation can increase the speed of the system by faster loading time.

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