1. Easy to use and simple disk defragmentation program.
  2. Has the option of defragmenting multiple files and even gives the option of selecting individual files and folder for defragmentation.
  3. Allows the user to set the priority which leads to shutting down of the system automatically after the defragmentation process is complete.
  4. Scans programs and defragments files when the system is not in use, thus saving time.
  5. Free and completely portable application.
  6. It uses the Space Restoration Technology.
  7. Also, closely monitors disk writing to ensure that files are written in the most efficient way to cut down on potential defragmentation.
  8. It also analyses data usage to create optimization pattern in accordance with the user’s style of file use and work.
  9. It can be scheduled to run when the computer is idle for continuous defragmentation.
  10. Helps in disk error check and system repair.