1. Startup manager is a bliss for making your Windows start faster along with operating with increased stability.
  2. It manages the startup by controlling all the programs at the start of the windows.
  3. This application helps in controlling and managing the programs that run at Windows startup for smooth and faster starting up.
  4. Another useful aspect is that it makes the working of windows more stable by removing redundant and unnecessary files and freeing up space.
  5. It provides the feature of customizing the starting up of Windows.
  6. With the help of functionalities like startup order change, startup delay, priority order change, consecutive program launch, day selection etc. startup of Windows can be personally modified to match one’s convenience.
  7. It results in quick and smooth starting up.
  8. Removes unwanted pop-ups.
  9. The delayed program launch option removes the need for waiting for the Windows to load all startup programs.
  10. It is loaded with easy to understand and use advanced features.