1. Loaded with advanced and unique functionalities, this system cleanup is easy to use by anyone.
  2. Best for personal use. Comes with easy to understand features that can be used by people having no prior experience in technical usage.
  3. Keep the system free from unnecessary buildup of files and folders.
  4. Performs regular maintenance mechanism with the help of regular device checkups and scans of programs running in the background, for the detection of unwanted files and folders.
  5. Results in optimizing the performance of pc by creating more free space that can be used for update of already downloaded applications.
  6. Leads to better productivity with optimized performance.
  7. Protects the system from online threats like viruses, spyware.
  8. Also helps in proper safety of important data.
  9. It has been awarded as the best maintenance application.
  10. Provides better organization of desk space by cleaning up junk files.